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Life, Happiness… & Cancer
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Life, Happiness… & Cancer

"Life, Happiness … & Cancer comes with our highest recommendation. Since some degree of emotional distress is a natural consequence of cancer for all patients, this book is a valuable adjunct to the medical treatments you may receive." Dr Andrew Simpson MD, Clinical Director, Wellington Blood, Cancer & Palliative Care Centre; Chair of the Medical Oncology Working Group of the Ministry of Health.

My book is now available worldwide as an e-book or p-book! If you live outside of NZ please search online at Amazon and you will find the book to purchase in either format. You'll be pleased you did.

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Released in New Zealand in early 2006, Life, Happiness… & Cancer is New Zealand's most popular cancer patient support book, with 16,000 copies in circulation.

The retail price is up to $33. I sell copies directly within NZ for only $20 all inclusive.

Please send a cheque for $20 per copy required made out to 'Life Paths Ltd' together with your name and return address to: Life Paths Ltd, PO Box 48009, Silverstream, Upper Hutt 5142. Please also tell me whether you would like the book(s) signed and/or dedicated.

If you do not possess a cheque book or prefer to make your purchase by online banking, please complete the order form and scan/email it to us (or include the same details as the order form in an email) with a request for our bank account number. As soon as the payment shows in our account we will send your book(s) to you.

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Bulk Purchases (Editions can be personalised to your organisation!)

Please contact me to enquire about arranging a bulk order. For very large orders editions can also be personalised, including your logo, even your own Foreword and perhaps colouring. Contact me to discuss.

Note: My book is not a medical text nor is it an alternative to mainstream treatments. It is intended to show you how to use action and attitude to support your recovery, illustrating:

  • How to cope much better with a cancer battle
  • What being 'a fighter' really means
  • What being an 'active patient' involves in practice
  • To create a life with more balance, meaning and fulfilment

Small Selection of Available Reviews & Testimonials

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