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Phil's journey with active cancer has spanned over 40 years. He has survived his best-case prognosis by over 25 years through seven cancer battles involving years of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, operations and a stem-cell transplant.

Despite everything he has achieved much, helping inspire tens of thousands of people through his talks and his best-selling book along the way. He started a family despite being sterilised by chemotherapy and has been recognised by the Queen for his services to people affected by cancer.

Phil is an excellent public speaker, able to get his messages of coping with adversity, and resilience across with humour and great timing. He is perfect for organisations wanting to inspire their staff and/or clients to deal with any life adversity.

Please contact Phil to discuss your needs and his availability and terms.

Your personal story is inspiring and together with your management experiences provided a unique and compelling revisit to the things that are so important for leading people. - Director, Strategic Services, Tertiary Education Commission

Phil approached the presentation confidently, professionally and with passion, using his life experiences to illustrate the point. Immediately following this event we received very positive comments from the attendees. - Co-ordinator, Networking & Events, Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce.