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Based on my personal experience I highly recommend each and all of the following:

1. NZ support organisations

Relay For Life NZ!

Relay For Life is not just an event - it's a life experience! Relay is a team event for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Corporate groups, community and sporting clubs participate together. Everyone is welcome.

Cancer Society of New Zealand, Wellington Division:

The Wellington Division of the Cancer Society of NZ provides a comprehensive range of services designed to help patients, carers, friends and family in its areas of operation deal with cancer while maintaining a positive future outlook and making the most of living in the present. My close association with this Division goes back over 20 years.

Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand:

The Leukaemia & Blood Foundation (LBF) is the leading organisation in New Zealand dedicated to supporting patients and their families living with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood conditions. I have worked a lot with the whole LBF team since 2006 and have developed the highest regard for them and the services they provide.

Breast Cancer Network NZ:

A New Zealand-wide grassroots organisation for women with breast cancer and their supporters. I presented as a keynote for BCN's first national conference in 2007. They are a wonderful, dedicated and authentic group of women.

Sweet Louise Foundation:

Sweet Louise helps to improve the quality of life for New Zealand women living with secondary breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Nirvana:

A particularly well developed and helpful NZ website created by breast cancer survivor Andrea Fairbairn. Amongst the goals of the site are the provision of more support for those going through breast cancer, translating into better lives and increased survival rates. Well worth a review by anyone facing breast cancer.

Head High:

Designs and sells stylish hats, bandanas and headwear especially for people affected by hair loss through cancer, etc. A Ministry of Health-approved provider. Owned and operated by breast cancer survivor Caroline Steele, and Kate McIsaac.

2. International resources and information


This is the blog of respected friend and colleague Jeff Kane MD based in the USA. Jeff's medical practice consists exclusively of listening to cancer patients and their families (imagine that)! He founded the support programs at Sutter Cancer Center in Sacramento and Sierra Nevada Cancer Center in Grass Valley, CA., and has published dozens of periodical articles on the healing relationship. His most recent book is The Bedside Manifesto: Healing the heart of healthcare - available from Amazon, etc). Jeff offers some of the most sage and genuinely helpful information available anywhere. He has been an expert soundboard for me for two decades.

National Cancer Institute (USA):

A website rich with helpful information about all cancers and how to cope with them, as well as with life after cancer.

The Cancer Council Victoria (Australia):

Another particularly useful site for people coping with cancer or the challenges of life after cancer.

Fontaine Press: (Australia)

Publishers of the Australian edition of my book Life, Happiness… & Cancer (2008). Fontaine Press is an innovative, independent book publisher with a fresh approach, working with both Australian and internationally based authors. Visit this link to purchase copies of the Australian edition of my book.